Reliability Engineering & Design Engineering Consultants

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About FREE, Inc:
FREE Inc, is a Reliability Engineering consulting and Design Engineering consulting corporation. FREE Inc, specializes in improving electrical and electronic designs through various design and analysis techniques.  These techniques include Worst Case Analysis (WCA), derating / Electrical Parts Stress Analysis (EPSA), and Reliability analysis such as Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF). and  Failure Modes Effects / Criticality Analysis (FMEA / FMECA) as well as radiation transport and effects analysis and heavy ion single event effects analysis for space applications.   FREE Inc has on staff  Astrophysicists, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, IT engineers, Systems Engineers, Software Engineers, QA engineers, etc to meet all your engineering needs.

Incorporated in 1992, FREE Inc has analyzed and designed a wide variety of circuitry and applications, from commercial electronics such as telecommunication equipment, food preparation equipment, etc to military electronics (F-22, C-17, F-14D etc),  to space applications (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, Mars Exploration Rovers, International Space Station, Mars Science Laboratory, Cassini, etc.)  Analyses and designs have  included power supplies, analog, digital, and RF circuitry, safety analyses, space environments, radiation effects,  system architecture planning, electronic and mechanical systems etc.

Here are just some of the many companies and organizations FREE Inc has supported in the past:
Boeing Aerospace
Rockwell International
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA
Northrop Grumman
L-3 Systems
Lockheed Martin Aerospace
Inrange Technologies
The United States Navy
Teledyne Systems
Dot Hill Systems
Huawei, Inc (China)
Transwood Electronics (Taiwan)
Moog Schaffer Magnetics
Cal-Tech Medical Research
EG & G Power Systems
EER Systems
SRS Technologies
ManTech International
Point Grey Research (Canada)
Apical Industries
Dart Aerospace